Originally, I had said that we shouldn't list different choreos on the same page. But I think it's too messy to title the pages "Koshitantan (Casppper)" "Koshitantan (K'suke)" and so on and then use disambuguition articles. Also it'd be cool to list multiple choreos on the same page so if someone likes a song, they can find several options of dances to learn.

An example of Famous Odottemita Dances that use the same song would be:

  • Koshitantan by Casppper
  • Koshitantan by K'suke (musumen ver.)
  • Koshitantan by ATY

I have coded a template to apply mulitple choreographers on the same song using the Utaite Wiki's Song Covers > Song Chorus bar. At the moment, the bar only takes 3 different dances. If a 4th or more is needed, please contact me so I can code an input for it.

How to apply the Choreographers bar above Famous Odottemita Dances pages

1. Copy and paste this template before all coding on the page:

|choreographer = 
|choreographer2 = 
|choreographer3 = }}

2. Type in the names of the choreographers for that song in the corresponding inputs.

For example, on the Viva Happy Page, I have coded:

|choreographer = Melochin
|choreographer2 = ARSMAGNA
|choreographer3 = }}

Which appears like so:


3. Since the last field is empty, no text will display. Do not delete the field |choreographer3 = or enter any text if no 3rd choreographer exists.

And for the future Koshitantan page, the code should look like:

|choreographer = K'suke
|choreographer2 = Casppper
|choreographer3 = ATY}}

Which appears like so:


How to create the subpage the bar links to the other choreographers

1. The other 2 choreographers won't show up as links unless you create another page for them. To do this, you'll need to add /choreographer2's_name and /choreographer3's_name at the end of the page.

Going back to the Viva Happy Example, Viva_Happy/ARSMAGNA will create a page for the ARSMAGNA choreographer.

Adding the /choreographer2's_name will make become

2. Use the standard Famous Odottemita Dances Layout on the new page to list the dance covers as normal.

Here is an example:

Viva Happy
Music & Lyrics:
File:NoNv.png | File:NoYt.png

Solo Covers