Hello Everyone!

Recently Morning Musumen has posted an official FAQ page , including information regarding usage of their images. Here is a summary of their statement:


Musumen forbids the following:

  1. Reposting of official photos, including but not limited to:
    • images/screenshots from DVD's
    • magazine scans
    • promotional photos
    • other official material
  2. Usage of ANY photos (official, personal, or self created) for SNS/social media icons, including but not limited to:
    • profile avatars
    • icons
    • banners
    • background images
    • other SNS/social media images


Musumen allows the following:

  1. Sharing images you have created yourself, including:
    • Your OWN fan art (may be used for SNS/social media icons)
    • Photos of them you have personally taken at events (keep in mind that you still cannot use these as your SNS/social media icons)
  2. Usage of fan art (your own or another artist's, see Additional Limitations) for SNS/social media icons
  3. Usage of ANY photos (official, personal, or self created) for personal/private use, including PC/mobile wallpapers, locksreens, or other backgrounds

Additional Limitations

Some limitations in addition to their prohibitions and permissions apply:

  1. When reposting fan art, always follow the original artist's conditions. Some artists forbid any reposting of their work, while others allow it with permission and credit. Always ask permission from the original artist before reposting their art.
  2. Reposting of individual member's personal photos (such as selfies posted to their SNS/social media) depends on the individual member's conditions.