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Nyantaro Project
Japanese にゃんたろproject (nyantaro purojecto)
Gender Male, Female
Odottemita Status Inactive
Odottemita Years Active 2011-2012
Collab partner(s) TEAM BLACK STARZ
For Nyantaro the NND odorite, see Nyantaro.

Nyantaro Project (にゃんたろproject) was a dance unit that consisted of six members: Nyantaro, Ry☆, Syokupan Men, Reichel, Pan2 and Kotarou. Nyantaro Project's dance style had a distinct vogue and hip hop influence, and they often used a dance move similar to the thousand arm Buddha as their trademark.

Nyantaro Project is also well known for collaborating with TEAM BLACK STARZ. Both groups have collaborated for their respective performances at Dance Masters 3 and 4, going by the name of TEAM BLACK CATZ for the occasion.

Nyantaro Project disbanded in late December of 2012 due to the members desires to move on to new activities.[1][2]


  1. Nyantaro
  2. Ry☆
  3. Syokupan Men
  4. Reichel
  5. Pan2
  6. Kotarou

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Sample VideoEdit

"Kusare Gedou to Chocolate"
Dance by Nyantaro Project
Choreography by Nyantaro



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