Kozue Aikawa
Aikawa tw.jpg
Japanese 愛川こずえ (Aikawa Kozue)
Gender Female

(1991-10-25) October 25, 1991 (age 29)[1]

Odottemita Status Active
Odottemita Years Active 2008-present
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Collab partner(s) Marice

Aikawa Kozue (愛川こずえ) is a popular Nico Nico Douga odorite with a delicate dance style.

Concept[edit | edit source]

Appearance & Personality[edit | edit source]

Kozue has brown hair with bangs. She is typically seen in cute, girly fashion such as ruffled skirts and frilly accents. In her early videos, she wore a mask to cover her face.

Dance Style[edit | edit source]

Kozue usually covers and choreographs cute, simple dances, especially with an idol style charm. She has a cute, bouncy dance style, but is capable of covering more mature style dances like "Romeo to Cinderella" Nv.gif.

History[edit | edit source]

Orgin[edit | edit source]

Aikawa Kozue is one of the older and more iconic odorites, having begun uploading videos in 2008 at 16 years old. She started out on Nico Nico Douga by dancing to popular songs such as "Ojamajo Carnival" Nv.gif. In most of her early videos, she wore a mask to cover her face.

Popularity[edit | edit source]

Her main burst of popularity came from her iconic original choreography and dance for "Luka Luka★Night Fever" Nv.gif, which is her most viewed video at over 5 million views on NND and 10 million views on her YouTube channel. It is also one of the most viewed videos in the odottemita category on NND.

A month after uploading Luka Luka★Night Fever, she became a member of DANCEROID, along with Ikura and Minka Lee, of which she was a member until September 2012. Although being a member of DANCEROID helped to boost her popularity further, she had covers outside of this which were well received by the community, such as "Hello/How Are You" and "Sweet Magic", with both of these covers gaining over 400,000 views on NND.

After leaving DANCEROID in 2012 due to health issues, she continued to maintain her popularity on NND, with "Koi wa Kimagure Illusion!!", her first video after leaving the group receiving over 1 million views on NND.

She continued as a solo dancer who occasionally collaborated with various other dancers until 2013, when she formed and became the leader of the idol group I LoVU. However, she continues to upload odottemita videos since forming the group.

For Kozue's iconic choreographies, see Category:Aikawa Kozue.

Collaborations[edit | edit source]

Dance Units[edit | edit source]

  1. Ex-member of DANCEROID
  2. EX-member of PRINCESS AT HOME (formerly ILoVU)

Collaborative Projects[edit | edit source]

Kozue was one of the original members of DANCEROID in 2009, but graduated from the group in 2012 due to poor physical condition. While as a member of the group, she also created original choreography for them, such as "FirstKiss!" and "Lily Lily★Burning Night". Her and Manako are the only DANCEROID members to create official choreography for the group. She has collaborated with other DANCEROID members outside of the group, and has also collaborated with Yakko, a member of 3rd generation DANCEROID which Kozue was not a part of.

Outside of DANCEROID, Kozue mainly collaborates with Marice, who she has danced with since her early days on NND. She also has danced with Pan2 and Miume on various occasions, performing with them at live shows in addition to NND uploads. She has also taken part in the group odottemita collaborations for "39" Nv.gif and "Kamikyoku" Nv.gif.

Kozue is now the leader of the idol group ILoVU. She danced to "Viva Happy" Nv.gif with the I LoVU member Lilia Aya a month before the formation of the group. ILoVU later changed their name to PRINCESS AT HOME, but ultimately disbanded on May 5th, 2018

In June of 2018 Kozue joined the idol group ENGAG.ING, which she is still currently a member of.

List of Dances[edit | edit source]

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  1. "Shuuchishin" Nv.gif (2008.08.28)
  2. "Saikyou Pare Parade" Nv.gif (2008.08.29)
  3. "Hare Hare Yukai" Nv.gif (2008.08.29)
  4. "Motteke! Sailor Fuku" Nv.gif (2008.08.29)
  5. "Interstellar Flight" Nv.gif (2008.09.01)
  6. "Ojamajo Carnival" Nv.gif (2008.09.11)
  7. "Resonant Blue" Nv.gif (2008.09.26)
  8. "Shinjin Maid wa Mune Muneki Kyun Kyuun" Nv.gif (2008.09.30)
  9. "Ohoshi-sama Mata Kyou mo Ii Desu ka?" Nv.gif (2008.09.30)
  10. "Anataboshi" Nv.gif (2008.10.14)
  11. "CRAZY ABOUT YOU" Nv.gif (2008.10.21)
  12. "Bararaika" Nv.gif (2008.10.30)
  13. "Genghis Khan" Nv.gif (2008.11.26)
  14. "BeMYSELF" Nv.gif (2008.12.07)
  15. "Princess Bride!" Nv.gif (2008.12.10)
  16. "Saikyou Pare Parade" Nv.gif (2008.12.25)
  17. "Ookina Ai Demo Tenashite" Nv.gif (2009.01.05)
  18. "LOVE Dokkyun" Nv.gif (2009.01.16)
  19. "Massara Blue Jeans" Nv.gif (2009.01.31)
  20. "Valentine ~Ai Kome Handmade Chocolate~" Nv.gif (2009.02.13)
  21. "10-nen Sakura" Nv.gif (2009.03.05)
  22. "FOREVER LOVE" Nv.gif (2009.03.09)
  23. "Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Kyoko and Doako (2009.03.28)
  24. "I・U・YO・NE~" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, 13, Higekozou and Ryusay Yarou (2009.03.31)
  25. "Dakishimete Dakishimete" Nv.gif (2009.04.02)
  26. "Oshiete!! Mahou no Lyric" Nv.gif (2009.04.10)
  27. "Bakunyuu Sentai Power Ranger" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Monoton, Pii, Dansa and Doako (2009.05.06)
  28. "Audience o Odora Seru Teido no Nouryoku" Nv.gif (2009.05.11)
  29. "MADAYADE" Nv.gif (2009.05.14)
  30. "Munasawagi Scarlet" Nv.gif (2009.06.02)
  31. "Hare Hare Yukai" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Agu and Kyou (2009.06.19)
  32. "Luka Luka★Night Fever" Nv.gif (2009.07.03) (Original choreography)
  33. "Seishun Bus Guide" Nv.gif (2009.07.15)
  34. "Kero⑨destiny" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Kuora (2009.08.05)
  35. "Angel Raikuni☆LOVE Ritai~tsu!!" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Doako and Hichou (2009.09.03)
  36. "Nanchatte Renai" Nv.gif (2009.09.03)
  37. "Natsu DOKI Lipstick" Nv.gif (2009.09.04)
  38. "Ike Ike Monkey Dance" Nv.gif (2009.09.10)
  39. "C\C (Cinderella Complex)" Nv.gif (2009.09.24)
  40. "Strobe Nights" Nv.gif (2009.10.29)
  41. "Kimagure Princess to Resonant Blue" Nv.gif (2009.12.04)
  42. "SHOCK!" Nv.gif (2010.01.24)
  43. "Ryuusei Boy" Nv.gif (2010.01.24)
  44. "Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama" Nv.gif (2010.01.24)
  45. "LOL-lots-of-laugh-" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID (2010.02.06)
  46. "*Hello, Planet." Nv.gif (2010.02.11)
  47. "Dou Demo Ii!" Nv.gif (2010.04.20)
  48. "Nomi Sugin na yo~Yaaaah Bababai~" Nv.gif (2010.05.11)
  49. "FirstKiss!" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID (2010.06.26) (Original choreography)
  50. "Honto Bomber!!" Nv.gif (2010.08.01)
  51. "Shochuu o Mimai Moushiagemasu" Nv.gif (2010.08.07)
  52. "Renai Circulation" Nv.gif (2010.08.16)
  53. "Dance de Bakon!" Nv.gif (2010.08.26)
  54. "Heart Catch☆Paradise!" Nv.gif (2010.08.31)
  55. "Lady Pan Sa" Nv.gif (2010.08.31)
  56. "Uwasa no Ribonbura Taisou" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Marice (2010.09.05)
  57. "Ochame Kinou" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Ikura, Shita, Mirii, Yuki, Rakuda to Kame and Ruuko (2010.09.06)
  58. "Bad Apple!!" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Shizu☆ (2010.10.05)
  59. "Our Songs" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Miiri and Shizu☆ (2010.10.28)
  60. "Megu Megu☆Fire Endless Night" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID (2010.10.29)
  61. "Megu Megu☆Fire Endless Night" Nv.gif (2010.11.08)
  62. "Lily Lily★Burning Night" Nv.gif (2010.12.08) (Original choreography)
  63. "Jounetsu wo Upload" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID (2011.04.03)
  64. "Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Shion, Nora and Hirara (2011.04.07)
  65. "Melancholic" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Marice (2011.04.20)
  66. "Happy Synthesizer" Nv.gif (2011.05.01)
  67. "Super☆Star" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Otemo (2011.05.06)
  68. "Bakunyuu Ondo" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Monoton and Doako (2011.05.17)
  69. "Sweet Magic" Nv.gif (2011.06.23)
  70. "HAKUMEI" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID (2011.07.03)
  71. "Ochame Kinou" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Mirin (2011.07.16)
  72. "Nico Nico de Mita Ugoki Medley" Nv.gif (2011.07.30)
  73. "Hello/How Are You" Nv.gif (2011.07.31)
  74. "ZIGG-ZAGG" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Shizu☆ (2011.08.05)
  75. "GO MY WAY!!" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Kurara and Maatamu (2011.08.12)
  76. "TwinklexTwinkle" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Ikura (2011.08.25)
  77. "te-yut-te" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Shinsetsu (2011.08.27)
  78. "Danjo" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Ikura (2011.08.28)
  79. "Momoiro Sparkling" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Pinky!, Shita, Kurara and Sasa (2011.09.03)
  80. "Sweetiex2" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Marice (2011.09.09)
  81. "Poker Face" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID (2011.09.11)
  82. "The world is all one!!" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Nacho, Misorina, Hichou and Doako (2011.09.21)
  83. "Melody Line" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Marice and Appi (2011.09.23)
  84. "Ochame Kinou" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID and 1-nen 25-gumi (2011.09.26)
  85. "Mikan" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Nora and Miume (2011.10.06)
  86. "Maji LOVE 1000%" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Ikura, Ma, Maam, Yuzuki and Yu (2011.11.21)
  87. "magnet" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Pan2 (2011.12.01)
  88. "My Room Disco Night" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Hinata, Nora and Reichel (2011.12.03)
  89. "galaxias!" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID (2011.12.14)
  90. "galaxias!" Nv.gif (2011.12.14)
  91. "China Cyber@Wo Ai Ni" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID (2011.12.17)
  92. "Gu-Gu-" Nv.gif (2011.12.25)
  93. "PONPONPON" Nv.gif (2012.02.04)
  94. "Girls be Ambitious!" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID (2012.03.06)
  95. "Junjou☆Fighter" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Maam (2012.03.08)
  96. "Nakimushipippo" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Yuzuki (2012.05.11)
  97. "Baby Maniacs" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID (2012.05.25)
  98. "Ia Ia★Night Of Desire" Nv.gif feat. DANCEROID (2012.05.26) (Original choreography)
  99. "I ♥" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Marice (2012.05.31)
  100. "Nakimushipippo" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Yuzuki (2012.06.10)
  101. "Romeo to Cinderella" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Pan2 (2012.07.07)
  102. "One・Two・Three" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Kirin, Marice, Concon, Kurumi, mariina, Kanyuu, Appi, Megumegu and Ruuko (2012.07.11)
  103. "Koi no Vacation" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and miho* (2012.07.26)
  104. "One・Two・Three" Nv.gif (2012.08.10)
  105. "Cosmic Star" Nv.gif (2012.08.24)
  106. "Koi wa Kimagure Illusion!!" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Miume (2012.10.14)
  107. "Aitai Aitai Aitaina" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Shirofuku, Miume, Kimagure Prince and Aoi (2012.11.13)
  108. "Oden☆My Life" Nv.gif (2012.12.25)
  109. "Idol wo Sakase (Sang and Danced it)" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Kanyu and mariina (2013.01.05)
  110. "Migikata no Chou" Nv.gif (2013.02.09)
  111. "GIFT" Nv.gif (2013.04.14)
  112. "Yay! Yay! Yay!" Nv.gif (2013.06.02)
  113. "Tachia Girl" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Sasa and Shiou (2013.06.14)
  114. "Tokaikko Junjou" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Hazuki Asuka, Ito Yui, Una and Shizu☆ (2013.06.23)
  115. "Happy Trap" Nv.gif (2013.06.28)
  116. "Sadistic・Love" Nv.gif (2013.07.05)
  117. "Mozumozumozumozumozumozu-kun" Nv.gif (2013.07.05)
  118. "Ii Aru Fanclub" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Hiiragi Rio (2013.07.17)
  119. "Tokyo Denno Tantei-dan" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Okimiya, Yakko and Ruuko (2013.07.27)
  120. "Rival" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Lilia Aya, Ruuko, Mariyan, Nami, Konitan and Moru (2013.07.30)
  121. "Houkago Stride" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Norakura, Ashibuto Penta and Marice (2013.08.19)
  122. "Viva Happy" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Lilia Aya (2013.09.08)
  123. "Yume Chizu" Nv.gif feat. ILoVU (2013.12.31)
  124. "Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Jo no Ko" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and 1-nen 25-gumi (2014.02.19)
  125. "Byoumei Koi Wazurai" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and miho* (2014.03.12)
  126. "Koizora Forecast" Nv.gif (2014.05.19)
  127. "Moonlight Night ~Tsukiyo no Banda yo~" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Nora and Miume (2014.06.11)
  128. "Hate Myself ~Konna Jibun o Aiseru Hi Made~ (MV ver.)" Nv.gif feat. ILoVU (2014.09.28)
  129. "Platinum -shin'in future Mix-" Nv.gif (2014.09.30)
  130. "Twinkle Days" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Marice (2014.10.04)
  131. "Luka Luka★Night Fever" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Gotou Seina (2014.12.30)
  132. "Hate Myself ~Konna Jibun o Aiseru Hi Made~ (Dance ver.)" Nv.gif feat. ILoVU (2015.01.06)
  133. "Attakain Dakara" Nv.gif (2015.01.21)
  134. "39" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Kyoufu., Kurou Kento (ARSMAGNA), Gets, Sacchaso, Tadanon, Tei☆in!, Tora-san, Bouto, Manako, Miume, Melochin, Yakko and Imamegu (2015.02.22)
  135. "Marine Dreamin'" Nv.gif (2015.05.09)
  136. "39" Nv.gif (2015.05.16)
  137. "Kamikyoku" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue, Akari (ATY), Atsushi, Ashibuto Penta, Kyoufu., K'suke, Sacchaso, SHIRAHAN (SLH), Pinopi, Bouto, Manako, Yakko and Ry☆ (2015.07.14)
  138. "Yomosugara Kimi Soufu" Nv.gif (2015.07.24) (Original choreography)
  139. "Kotoba No Iranai Yakusoku" Nv.gif (2015.08.28)
  140. "Happy! American Fried Potato" feat. ILoVU (2015.08.29)
  141. "Hoshi no Uta" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Shabadaba STEP (2015.10.02)
  142. "Sari" Nv.gif feat. I LoVU (2015.10.17)
  143. "Nostalogic" Nv.gif (2015.11.12)
  144. "BURNING" Nv.gif feat. Aikawa Kozue and Lilia Aya (2015.12.14)
  145. "Electric Angel" Nv.gif feat. ILoVU (2015.12.21)
  146. "Ikkitousen" Nv.gif feat. ILoVU (2015.12.22)
  147. "Jitter Doll" Nv.gif feat. Lilia Aya (2016.01.09)
  148. "Marine Bloomin" Nv.gif (2016.04.08)
  149. "Dragon Quest Dance" Nv.gif (2016.04.26)
  150. "Try Everything" Nv.gif feat. ILoVU (2016.05.05)
  151. "Häagen-Dazs Ika no Sappuukei" Nv.gif (2016.06.11)
  152. "Gokuraku Jodo" Nv.gif feat. ILoVU (2016.06.19)
  153. "Dive to Blue" Nv.gif feat. Wata (2016.08.05)
  154. "Patchwork Staccato" Nv.gif feat. Pinopi (2016.10.11)
  155. "Miraikei Innocence" Nv.gif (2016.12.11)
  156. "ECHO" Nv.gif (2016.12.16)
  157. "Love! Snow! Real Magic!" Nv.gif (2016.12.23)
  158. "Reversible Campaign" Nv.gif (2016.01.31)
  159. "How To Warp" Nv.gif (2017.03.31)
  160. "MKDR" Nv.gif feat. Miko (2017.05.15)
  161. "Lost Ones Weeping" Nv.gif feat. Marice Miume(2017.06.29)
  162. "Deep Blue Town" Nv.gif (2017.08.07)
  163. "I Wanna Do My Best!" Nv.gif feat. Hatsune (2017.09.04)
  164. "Deep Blue Song" Nv.gif (2017.09.29)
  165. "You And The Night Antinomy" Nv.gif (2017.12.24)
  166. "Dissonance" Nv.gif (2018.02.11)
  167. "Koi No Mahou" Nv.gif (2018.02.14)
  168. "YoiYoi Kokon" Nv.gif feat. Wata (2018.03.01)
  169. "Hide and Seek" Nv.gif (2018.03.29)
  170. "Hysteric Bullet" Nv.gif feat. Wata, Lilia Aya, Mariyan, and Liliyan (2018.05.25)
  171. "Sea Breeze" Nv.gif (2018.08.19)
  172. "Sunny Days!" Nv.gif (2018.09.16)
  173. "Marine Mirage" Nv.gif (2018.10.12)
  174. "Love World Ⅲ" Nv.gif (2018.10.25)
  175. "Planet Loop" feat. Iripon, Kamen Liar 217, Asupara, Ashibuto Penta, *Chocolate Bomb!!, Kozou, SHIRAHAN and YUMA (SLH), Jintan, Shibuya Japan, Tamahiyo, Nishii Marina, Anatashia, Harukairo, Feruto, Bookie, Furukawa Yuuka, Maataso, Manako, Ry☆, Ririri, and Wata (2020.05.22)
  176. "Onegai Darling" feat. Kamen Liar 217, Iripon, Aoi, Aoi Kano, Ashibuto Penta, Asupara, ONE, Kimagure Prince, Kozou, SHIRAHAN, YUMA, and RYO (SLH), ☆Ini☆(jin), Tamahiyo, Todorokichan, Miko, Bookie, Maataso, Matsushita, Mattan, Manako, Mariyan, Marin, Miume, MARiA, Ririri, and Wata (2020.05.24)
  177. "Dark Room Syncer" Nv.gif feat. Danmas World 2 Performers (2020.08.07)

Sample Video[edit | edit source]

"Yomosugara Kimi Oufu"
Dance by Kozue Aikawa
Choreography by Aikawa Kozue

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is 151cm (4'11) tall. [1]
  • She is blood type A. [2]
  • She is from Tokyo. [2]
  • Her choreography and motion data was used for 'Luka Luka★Night Fever' in Project DIVA extend. [3]
  • She appeared in the TV series 'Hikonin Sentai Akibarenja' as Kozukozu Mita in all 26 episodes. [4]
  • She appeared in a promotional video for 'Saints Row IV'. [5]
  • Her and Marice were classmates in middle school. [6] They also took part in a dance club together during middle school. [7]
  • She has worked with the utaite Kalon., with the two simultaneously uploading their covers for "Happy Trap" Nv.gif.
  • She appeared as an extra in the song "Summer Wolf" by 'Zushi Three Brothers'.

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