• TisRis

    New front page polls eyy

    October 29, 2017 by TisRis

    Updated the front page polls after forever XD

    I wanted to update them every so often because I feel like there can't just be one type of poll to represent odottemita, plus I think they are fun.

    Happy voting!

    Cheers~ Iris

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  • TisRis


    The minimum dance cover requirement on the Odorite Wiki Page Requirements for both Nico Nico Douga and YouTube Odorite have been raised from a minimum of 4 dance covers either solo or group to a minimum of 10 dance covers either solo or group.

    Thank you.

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  • TisRis

    I've just noticed that the dancer infoboxes have an error where the YTCHonly is not showing up. I'll try to fix this as soon as possible.

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  • TisRis

    Wiki Activity

    April 28, 2016 by TisRis

    Hey all!

    I've noticed that the wiki activity is slow again. It seems all of us are busy. I feel like a bad admin for not being around much. I'm thinking about naming another admin - someone who is active. Unfortunately, no one seems to be very active lately.

    Someone respond to this blog post so I know you're still alive?


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  • TisRis

    New Polls on the Front Page!

    February 26, 2016 by TisRis

    Hello all!

    I made new polls on the front page! The theme is favorite iconic cutesy dances from 2010-2011 and 2015-2016. I'm hoping they can show how much odottemita has evolved over the years! You can definitely see the change in video quality, fashion styles, and trends. Nevertheless, odottemita hasa still preserved the encouraging essence that anyone can try dancing!

    It was a little tricky to write the 2015-2016 poll, since it's only 2 months into 2016 (highly limiting the timeframe in comparison to the 2010-2011 poll). It was tempting to add 2014 iconic choreography as well! 2014 was definitely a huge year for iconic choreography. I may add that as a poll later~

    Head on over to the front page to cast your vote!

    Next poll theme will be iconi…

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  • TisRis

    I just coded the  at the top of the pages.

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  • TisRis

    I just coded a place for "Other Dance Status" in infoboxes. The variable is called "otherstatus." This is used for dancers who have dance activies outside of odottemita. For example, (idk if this is true or not) Nyantaro may be:

    which displays

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  • TisRis

    Originally, I had said that we shouldn't list different choreos on the same page. But I think it's too messy to title the pages "Koshitantan (Casppper)" "Koshitantan (K'suke)" and so on and then use disambuguition articles. Also it'd be cool to list multiple choreos on the same page so if someone likes a song, they can find several options of dances to learn.

    An example of Famous Odottemita Dances that use the same song would be:

    • Koshitantan by Casppper
    • Koshitantan by K'suke (musumen ver.)
    • Koshitantan by ATY

    I have coded a template to apply mulitple choreographers on the same song using the Utaite Wiki's Song Covers > Song Chorus bar. At the moment, the bar only takes 3 different dances. If a 4th or more is needed, please contact me so I can co…

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  • Mizomizore

    Hello Everyone!

    Recently Morning Musumen has posted an official FAQ page , including information regarding usage of their images. Here is a summary of their statement:

    Musumen forbids the following:

    1. Reposting of official photos, including but not limited to:
      • images/screenshots from DVD's
      • magazine scans
      • promotional photos
      • other official material
    2. Usage of ANY photos (official, personal, or self created) for SNS/social media icons, including but not limited to:
      • profile avatars
      • icons
      • banners
      • background images
      • other SNS/social media images

    Musumen allows the following:

    1. Sharing images you have created yourself, including:
      • Your OWN fan art (may be used for SNS/social media icons)
      • Photos of them you have personally taken at events (keep in mind that you still cannot…

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  • TisRis

    YouTube has another new Channel Link format.

    The current ones are:

    • (ytusername)
    • (YTCHonly)
    • (not a valid input for Infobox_dancer)

    The problem with the last format is that the neither the YTCHonly or ytusername input couldn't accept the links for /c/ChannelName. I ended up tweaking the Template:Infobox_dancer a little (see that page's history for details) to allow typing it into the ytusername input. Unfortunately, unlike YTCHonly, you can't type in a display text and you're stuck with any channel names to display whatever you type in (for example c/EmpireDance on the eMpiRe page).

    I can make a new input field where we accept a …

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