• TisRis

    New Polls on the Front Page!

    February 26, 2016 by TisRis

    Hello all!

    I made new polls on the front page! The theme is favorite iconic cutesy dances from 2010-2011 and 2015-2016. I'm hoping they can show how much odottemita has evolved over the years! You can definitely see the change in video quality, fashion styles, and trends. Nevertheless, odottemita hasa still preserved the encouraging essence that anyone can try dancing!

    It was a little tricky to write the 2015-2016 poll, since it's only 2 months into 2016 (highly limiting the timeframe in comparison to the 2010-2011 poll). It was tempting to add 2014 iconic choreography as well! 2014 was definitely a huge year for iconic choreography. I may add that as a poll later~

    Head on over to the front page to cast your vote!

    Next poll theme will be iconi…

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  • TisRis

    Interesting Maid Cafe

    February 18, 2015 by TisRis

    This convention maid cafe put on a rather unique show if anyone is interested in maid cafes... As a dancer, I think this is funny because it's true.

    Dancers I know:

    Butters (the main freestyling girl in glasses), Tiffany, Cherry, Ami. I can't say the names of all of them though.

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  • TisRis

    Odorite Wiki Users Poll

    February 17, 2015 by TisRis

    Wow! The odorite wiki has been growing in popularity a lot more recently! We get more and more users making accounts! This is really cool. I'm glad people are helping expand the wiki!

    I'm just curious what time zone you guys live in? I understand if you don't want to share due to privacy concerns and who is TisRis and why is she so nosy . I live in the Pacific Time Zone by the way, which is easy to figure out if one cares enough.

    Also no one really mentions their gender here. It shouldn't really matter, but I guess I should refer to everyone with the generic pronoun  "ze." Does anyone use that pronoun? I am a female (obviously), so I suppose feminine pronouns will do. But I don't really care either way. I can be refered to as a he or a she a…

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  • Jadehlee

    Odorite YouTube channels

    February 13, 2015 by Jadehlee

    I thought having like a masterpost of odorite's YouTube channels on here would be a good idea, but I wasn't sure where we'd put it or anything, so I thought to just put it on here for now as a resource. These are just the ones that I'm subscribed to, so there'll probably be some missing, so add any else that you know. I don't really know any Youdorites either other than AriKi, but I expect that TisRis will :D

    Also, I've put Ririri on here because I figured it's just a link to her channel so theres no actual info or anything about her. I can take it down if anyone objects.

    • Aikawa Kozue
    • Akyari
    • AMU, Second Channel
    • Arasa5
    • Ari。Ki
    • Ashibuto Penta
    • AiZe
    • Bookie
    • BoopBoopBeeDoop
    • Butsudan Kamen
    • *Chocolate Bomb
    • Color Pointe
    • Cozmosse
    • Gets/Tora-san
    • Iku…
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  • Mizomizore

    Odottemita Off?

    February 10, 2015 by Mizomizore

    Hello (owo)/

    So I recently found this while browsing around twitter and I thought it might be an interesting topic of discussion :

    Apparently on March 1st there will be a new event being held called Odottemita Off.  I believe they said this was also related to a similar  nico dance festival event last year.

    It looks like there filming some group dances and were recruiting people for it and there are also going to be preformers doing originally choreographed dances as well.

    It seems cool, I am definitely looking forward to seeing this!

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  • Mizomizore

    Hello (owo)/

    I guess this also corresponds with my previous post about Utaite's who do not want their songs reposted but I have started to notice that some Odorite's are starting to post in their video descriptions and such that they do not want their videos reposted as well ( Like ARSMAGNA ) . Should we start making a list of the Odorite's who don't want their stuff reposted?

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  • TisRis

    Meeting Odorite

    January 8, 2015 by TisRis

    Have you ever wondered what your favorite odorite is like in person?

    When Ari。Ki was invited to perform at Cho Party 3 with Te☆in! last spring (2014), Ki wrote several blog posts about their experience, especially about meeting odorites!

    Post 1:

    Post 2:

    Post 3:

    Post 4:

    Collaboration performance with Tei☆in…

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  • TisRis

    (Hmm... I'm curious if anon Wikia Contributors read user blogs?)

    If you don't want to read this long blog on some history of the odorite wiki and my personal encounter with it, skip to the last paragraphs (in bold). But there are some shout outs.


    I was exploring the site (what else is there to do at 6 am when you're caught up with the latest musumen videos, tired of studying/adding odorite's dance styles to pages, and haven't gone to sleep for the night yet), and I discovered the history of the odorite wiki!

    I feel like it sounds like I did some serious digging and research.... All I did was real the talk page for the front page (because reading random users' 2 year old conversations on the internet is appealing).The conversations were…

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  • Mizomizore

    Song Reposting

    December 12, 2014 by Mizomizore

    Hello (owo)/

    There are several utaite's who do not allow their songs to be reposted on to other websites. ( Someone made a list of them here  )

    I was wondering if this list should be featured on the odorite wiki as well? Because I'm pretty sure this means you cannot use their songs in dance covers too if they are reposted on websites other than NND.

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  • TismeRis

    YouTube Odorites

    November 5, 2014 by TismeRis

    Hello to anyone who reads these! b(^ . ^)d

    I'm not sure if anyone on here actually cares about YouTube odorites... Well if it sparks your interest, Heavenly Light (the main leader of CosStarDance, Sector51, Dance Masters United, and more) and Ari。Ki have choreography videos on NND that make it to the top 100 rankings. And Ari。Ki (who has over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube) wasinvited to Japan's Cho Party 3 to share the stage  with other odorites such as Miume , morning musumen.  , and namely Tei☆in!  (whom they performed with). They also speak Japanese and tweet odorites.

    I have been meaning to create a lot more YouTube Odorite wiki pages, but I've been swamped with school and dance group activities! I hope to make one for many more, but next…

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